Molehill Maura Fold Bag Mosaic Dark Brown-1

MAURA Fold Bag Mosaic Dark Brown

PLN 749


MAURA Fold Bag is a functional bag, handmade from the highest quality crocodile skin embossed cowhide.

Minimalist form and precisely designed geometric cut make the bag versatile and easy to adapt, depending on the content and the needs of the owner. It can be used as a sac for everyday use, that fits all the necessary items or as a mini shopper, ideal when shopping. When the sides are folded in, the bag becomes a classy complement to glamour styling, perfect for important events or nights out.

Made with great care, the bag is also characterized by an innovative way of sewing in the handles, which are perpendicular to the edge, enabling you to freely change their location and making the design more casual.

The bag can be carried on the shoulder or in hand. Worn as a sac or a shopper, it creates an open form, while the folded sides close the bag from the top.

Thanks to the process of embossing, the leather surface is decorated with a beautiful pattern imitating crocodile skin. Using this unique material makes the bag a perfect combination of luxury style and simple aesthetics. The leather surface is polished to make it more resistant to weather conditions. It ages beautifully and wears taking on a unique feel.

Colour: brown
Material composition: polished cowhide leather embossed with a crocodile skin pattern
Inside: raw cowhide, no lining
Dimensions: 30,5 cm x 15,5 cm x 27 cm (12.00 x 6.1 x 10.63 inches)
Length from the edge of the bag to the top of handles: 30 cm (11.80 inches)

Handcrafted in Poland.

Each item is one-of-a-kind due to the unique texture of the piece of leather from which it is made. Scratches, discolourations, uneven colour and surface texture are natural and do not constitute product defects.